Gin Lovers, Marshmallow Gin is Here

People are already talking about Christmas and, with this brand new gin upgrade, it’s fair to say that this year’s might just be the best Christmas yet. Gin is super versatile and, just when you thought you couldn’t serve the spirit in any other way, The Naked Marshmallow Company go ahead and introduce an all-new funky flavour: marshmallow! Everyone… Continue reading Gin Lovers, Marshmallow Gin is Here

Top 10 Cheapest Places to go Backpacking RN

When it comes to planning a holiday, what’s the first thing you worry about – being able to take the time off work or having the funds to actually do it? Well, especially those who work Monday to Friday in an office of a busy and cramped city, it’s not unusual that you dream of… Continue reading Top 10 Cheapest Places to go Backpacking RN

#BookLoversDay – Some of My Favourite Reads

Having studied English Lit at uni, I’ve read my fair share of books; different genres, styles and lengths, and my ‘favourite’ book has most definitely changed a lot over the years – it still is changing! One of my first favourites that I can remember is Alexander Master’s Stuart: A Life Backwards. I can honestly admit that this… Continue reading #BookLoversDay – Some of My Favourite Reads

A Few Gems in the Primark Home Collection

Primark has been great for a few things so far this year, one of them being their Beauty and the Beast collection, featuring the Chip mug which everyone has gone crazy for, a mini Chip purse and themed bed duvet sets, not to mention the designer shoe dupes. It clearly doesn’t stop there, though, because Primark’s home… Continue reading A Few Gems in the Primark Home Collection

Rooftop Bars are Calling

It seems that summer has finally settled in and, with another heat wave this week, let’s take the opportunity of making the most of some of the UK’s best rooftop bars. With the seemingly consistent weather, DeisgnMyNight have taken the liberty of piecing together the perfect list of some of the country’s best rooftop bars around. Some are extravagant… Continue reading Rooftop Bars are Calling

Gluten-free Street Food at its Best

Week by week, London is proving that you’re never far from quality gluten-free food in the capital. Menus in restaurants have widened their gluten-free ranges, supermarket isles have vastly adapted to the common diet and, now, discover some of London’s best street food stalls for on-the-go gluten-free goodness, full of exciting, vibrant and healthy ingredients.… Continue reading Gluten-free Street Food at its Best