New ASOS Search Tool Finds the Outfit you Spotted on Someone Else, Online 

Just a few weeks ago, I was trying to find a way to build a fashion app myself that’d let me capture outfits and clothing that I see on others and will tell me exactly where to buy it, or something similar. Well, ASOS have gone ahead and done the hard work for us!

It doesn’t involve downloading anything new – it’s already embedded into their original shopping app. Simply access the search bar and there you’ll see a camera button. This new tool now allows you to either upload a photo from your saved pics of upload one live. It then searches the ASOS product database to find that piece of clothing, or something similar – genius!

I’ve given it a quick go just to see how and if it works.

I took a screenshot of a GAP jumpsuit that popped up on my Instagram feed. I then uploaded that onto the ASOS app and here’s what it found:

On my first try, I’m impressed! The search tool has found 100 different results related to a black, cropped culotte jumpsuit.

I gave it another go to make it a fair test:

Again, this is just a screenshot of a Misselfridge outfit on my Instagram feed. Here’s what the ASOS search tool found this time:

As you can see, the picture you upload to ASOS doesn’t even have to be clear. It’ll pick up the dominant features of your desired outfit and will find more than enough related  results within their fashion catalogue.

Needless to say, this is a serious game-changer. Off I go to star the ASOS app as a favourite – this is definitely about to become an everyday use!


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