Top 10 Cheapest Places to go Backpacking RN

When it comes to planning a holiday, what’s the first thing you worry about – being able to take the time off work or having the funds to actually do it? Well, especially those who work Monday to Friday in an office of a busy and cramped city, it’s not unusual that you dream of getting away, even if it’s just  for a few days.

The daunting reality of actually getting time off and finding the money to be able to afford a relaxing getaway is something we can’t get away from – or so you might think. Well, the experts at Travelex have come to some game-changing conclusions. They have looked into the top 32 most popular destinations that Britons go for and how long £500 would typically last you in these places. Here’s what they’ve found:

1. Thailand – 44 days

2. Mexico – 26 days

3. Jamaica – 25 days

4. Bulgaria – 23 days

5. Czech Republic – 23 days

6. Hungary – 22 days

7. Poland – 22 days

8. Turkey – 22 days

9. South Africa – 18 days 

10. Portugal – 17 days

Just FYI, Switzerland is the worst place to go to with the same amount of cash as it’ll only last you around 6 days (followed by Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Australia, Finland and France).

Well, I guess Thailand, here we come! Considering that a 7-day trip to Tenerife cost me £600 in the past, these results are very inspiring; to have £500 last over a month is pretty imcredible. So, with all of this in mind, it’s definitely worth giving that trip another think because it’s super affordable.


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