A Few Gems in the Primark Home Collection

Primark has been great for a few things so far this year, one of them being their Beauty and the Beast collection, featuring the Chip mug which everyone has gone crazy for, a mini Chip purse and themed bed duvet sets, not to mention the designer shoe dupes. It clearly doesn’t stop there, though, because Primark’s home range is often to die for as well. This season, they have an incredible range of copper accessories, pastel shades and modern designs to raise your interior design game. Here are a few bits and pieces that are absolutely worth a try from Primark’s home range this season to enhance your home’s features:



(Credit: Primark)

Aluminum Tumblers, £4

Simple, sleek and sophisticated. These are perfect for serving something refreshing during Sunday lunch this summer and, at only £4 for a couple, they’re bound to bring out a minimal yet modern edge from the kitchen.



(Credit: Primark)

Copper Lightbulb Cage, £5

Copper accessories have become timeless and impressive. Together with its open design, this lightbulb cage will take your bedside table game to a whole new level.



(Credit: Primark)

Copper Half Moon Faux Planter, £6

The clashing materials are just dazzling, and it means it’s fitting for any room in the house – it’s an absolute must-have!



(Credit: Primark)

Marble Effect Ceramic Candle, £5

Perfect for mixing and matching with other sleek and sophisticated items from Primark’s home range this season. Placing one of these marble candles on top of the fireplace or on the bathroom counter is bound to bring a calming tone into your home while adding a contemporary image.



(Credit: Primark)

Silver Pot Faux Plant, £5

Adding a little bit of colour through nature is always a great idea. For those who want a low-maintenance option, Primark’s artificial plants are minimal, presentable and complimentary.


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