Rooftop Bars are Calling

It seems that summer has finally settled in and, with another heat wave this week, let’s take the opportunity of making the most of some of the UK’s best rooftop bars.

With the seemingly consistent weather, DeisgnMyNight have taken the liberty of piecing together the perfect list of some of the country’s best rooftop bars around. Some are extravagant and sophisticated, and some are chilled and affordable; there’s something for everyone across the country, for any day of the week.


Epernay, Manchester

The perfect setting for a date night with low lighting to create a sombre ambience, serving champagne cocktails on the balcony edge, overlooking the city.


(Credit: Pinterest)

Aviary, London

A heated rooftop serving botanical cocktails.


(Credit: Pinterest)

Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Ideal for a hot, relaxing Sunday afternoon. Expect lots of cold beers and cheesy pizzas.


(Credit: Pinterest)

Brixton Beach, London

2 in 1: rooftop bar & beach. This Cuban-themed rooftop bar sets the perfect holiday scene.


(Credit: Pinterest)

Madison, London

Directly overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral, Madison is of Europe’s largest open rooftop bars.

Image result for madison london rooftop


Goodness Gracious, Liverpool

In the heart of the city, Liverpool’s Goodness Gracious rooftop bar sets the perfect homey scene, with wooden decks and seating, paired with colourful cushions to relax on and lots of greenery.


(Credit: Pinterest)

Roof East, London

Roof East brings together all the fun and crazy summer activities of the city to one incredible place. Food, drinks and games (crazy golf, bowling, outdoor cinema) are all here for you to enjoy on your day off.

Image result for roof east


Rooftop Gardens, Norwich

A classic rooftop bar. Offering an incredible panoramic view of the city and serving all the cocktails you could wish for.

Image result for rooftop gardens norwich


Rumpus Room, London

One of the list’s more extravagant places, so it might call for more of a special occasion rather than a chilled weekend afternoon. It does offer some spectacular views of the capital’s iconic buildings, though.

Image result for rumpus room london


The Varsity Rooftop, Cambridge

One of the country’s most interesting cities with heaps of history and tradition. The Varsity Rooftop overlooks the iconic university and its town with a stunning view.


(Credit: Pinterest)




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