Rainbow Wine!

Summer cocktails in the garden will never be the same. One of this season’s biggest food trends is anything sparkly, colourful and ‘unicorn’; the more, the better. Just when you think the unicorn trend has reached its peak, Urban Outfitters go ahead and release a set of wine glasses with a beautifully decorated bottom to create a translucent, rainbow effect, giving a whole new meaning to ‘taste the rainbow’ yet again this year.

wine glasses.PNG

(Credit: Urban Outfitters)

I guess that a regular glass of wine has become a little too regular now and a good wine deserves to be matched with an equally exciting glass. These beauties work best with a white wine – Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Rosé – to make sure the unicorn design is visible through the liquid.


(Credit: Urban Outfitters)

As much as I dislike Urban Outfitters, a pair of these unicorn wine glasses are only £18 – for their image and standards, that’s fairly acceptable. In action, they really do transform a regular glass of white into something a little more magical – perfect for this week’s heat wave with lots of sunny afternoons to come!


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