A Vegan American Diner is Coming to the UK

I love how quickly the world is adapting to so many different diet types – it just means that more people can enjoy the benefits of great food without having to constantly read the backs of packets to make sure it coincides with what you are and aren’t allowed to eat. Hassle-free eating out is getting easier and easier with the rapid spread of vegan-friendly restaurants and cuisines.

The all-new vegan addition seems to be something many would struggle to even imagine; American food being so heavy in cheese and meat makes it tough to be vegan-friendly. Grumpy Panda, however, seem to have done the trick, serving dishes such as ‘Pigless Pudding’, ‘Baecon and Eggz’ and waffles with a range of different animal product-free toppings. All ‘eggs’, ‘cheese’ and ‘meat’ are also made on site, so they know exactly what has gone into them.

grumpy panda.PNG

(Credit: @grumpypandafood)

Grumpy Panda’s menu also includes the ‘Mac ‘n Stack’, ‘Chikin ‘n Waffles’, ‘Chilli Cheez’ hotdogs and ‘Pastramee’ grilled sandwiches. The restaurants also features a vegetarian coffee shop, but all prep areas are kept separate to prevent ant cross contamination.

The first diner is due to open in Gateshead, Newcastle on 4th July.

grumpy panda2.PNG

(Credit: @grumpypandafood)



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