A Brand New Collection of Real Techniques Make-up Brushes

For a while now, Real Techniques have been most people’s favourite, go-to make-up brushes and, now that they’re releasing a brand new collection, things are getting really exciting. A brush line that promises to be their softest yet is due to hit the stores in July.

The original collections are already incredibly soft, so it’s tough to imagine the next level that the brand new PowderBleu collection will reach.

Inspired by blue squirrels, PowderBleu is a 6-piece brush collection from Real Techniques, designed to mimic squirrel hair using FauxBleu™ technology and synthetic hairs to create the super soft feel.


(Credit: real techniques)

Another reason why the new collection is so soft is because they’ve been specifically designed to work with powdered products. This special compatibility means that you’ll now be able to achieve the smoothest, most seamless finish make-up can give.

The new collection is, naturally, a little more expensive than the original – the most expensive item being the Soft Kabuki Brush, £25. The remainder of the collection also includes a Soft Complexion Brush £22, Soft Powder Brush £22, Soft Finishing Brush £22, Soft Shadow Brush £15 and a Plush Powder Puff £12. It’ll be available to purchase from July 2017, from stores as well as the Real Techniques direct website.


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