A Few Refreshing Cocktails to Keep you Cool in the Heat

We’ve complained about the constant rain, and now we can’t stop complaining about the incredible heat that has hit the UK. Never mind though, some are just hard to please. While we’ve got the sun, let’s enjoy it, and what better way to celebrate the summer than with a refreshing cocktail? It’s time to trade the standard glass of red or vodka and lemonade into something a little more exciting.


Watermelon Moscow Mule

An unusual but interesting combo of watermelon and ginger beer.


(Credit: pinterest)


Bloody Orange Cosmopolitan

To tackle the heat, we need strong, refreshing flavour. It makes the perfect summer cocktail with a technicolor twist.


(Credit: pinterest)


Cucumber Mint Sparklers

You can’t really get anything more refreshing than cucumber – it makes the perfect duo with a shot of your favourite spirit.


(Credit: pinterest)


Vodka, Pear & Lavender Lemonade

A very modern combination for 2017. It couldn’t look more sophisticated!


(Credit: pinterest)



Marshmallow infused vodka.


(Credit: pinterest)


Candied Grapefruit Cocktail

A sweet combo of grapefruit and gin.


(Credit: pinterest)


French 75

For those who like thing a little bit more fancy – gin, champagne and lemon juice.


(Credit: pinterest)







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