Vegan Kebabs

Originating with a family background of vegan kebabs in Germany, the What the Pitta boys have brought the incredible idea back to London to really revolutionise the way we even think of meat-free diets.

As a meat-eater, it often feels that meat-free substitutes are just inexplicably not the same, but perhaps this has now changed, thanks to the What the Pitta boys. Their vegan kebabs really go to show that maintaining a vegan diet nowadays is easier than it sounds, with so many supermarkets and restaurants now catering to vegans, but What the Pitta truly seem to really cracked all the limitations.


What The Pitta Vegan Döner London Shoreditch The Pump



What exactly does the vegan döner consist of? We’ve got freshly made tortilla bread, spiced soya chunks, served with a crunchy mixed salad, tangy tzatziki sauce (soya yogurt), homemade hummus and chilli sauce. It sounds incredibly fresh and the heavily home-made vegan döner is priced at only £7.95 – definitely worth a try.

Where can we find it? So far, What the Pitta can be spotted in only 2 locations around London: Boxpark Croydon and Boxpark Shoreditch. Out of reach? I think they’ve thought that one through with home delivery! There’s now a whole new possibility of guilt-free drunk food.




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