DIY Sweet & Sour Chicken

IMG_1257 (1).JPG

It’s always nice and reassuring to find a good dinner recipe that does exactly what it says on the tin and, this week, hats definitely go off to the Gousto chefs for creating exactly that.

Sweet and sour chicken is a dish I’d categorise as familiar and comforting; it’ll never fail to hit the spot, but making it out of a jar doesn’t always feel particularly healthy. Surprisingly, making your own sweet and sour sauce is much easier than it sounds or looks – that bright orange colour seems a little tough to master. The key ingredients for this are: rice wine vinegar, ketchup, soy sauce, honey and a splash of sesame seed oil. The vinegar and soy sauce create the tangy taste of the sauce, while the mixture of ketchup, honey and toasted sesame seed oil will bring in the sweetness and orange tint to the dish. Ketchup will also help thicken the sauce up to the right consistency and the chicken is also first prepared in some egg yolk and cornflour batter – the cornflour thickens the sauce later as well.

For flavour and crunch, Gousto have added baby corn, carrot match sticks and green beans, with a garnish of fresh spring onions on top. The fresh veggies are definitely key as that’s the one thing we don’t get from a jar, and it makes all the difference. you can also bulk the dish up with some bok choy and bamboo shoots.

Overall, a 4/10 from me – I’d like to spend slightly less time cooking but Sweet & Sour will always be a winner, and the freshness of cooking from scratch does weigh it out. I know I’ll be coming back to this recipe when I don’t know what to cook!


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