MAC’s New Limited-Edition Red Lip Kits

Some new iconic reds from an iconic make up brand, complete with matching lip pencils have arrived!

MAC first launched their lip kits in some nude shades in January, followed by an update in their kit selection in March, in burgundy and purple shades to complete the range. Some brown shades then also joined in April. It’s staring to seem that MAC is the brand to depend on for the perfect seasonal lip colours.

As summer approaches, we’re starting to reach for those classic reds again and MAC have definitely spotted the right time to introduce their all-new, limited edition red lip kits, priced at a reasonable £29.50 per set, now available to purchase from the MAC website.

Here are the brand new, 5 red lip kits from MAC:

  1. Lipstick: “Ruby Woo”, Pencil: “Ruby Woo”


(Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

2. Lipstick: “Chili”, Pencil: “Auburn”


(Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

3. Lipstick: “Diva”, Pencil: “Burgundy”


(Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

4. Lipstick: “Lady Danger”, Pencil, Redd”


(Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

5. Lipstick: “Russian Red”, Pencil: “Follow Your Heart”


(Credit: MAC Cosmetics)

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