The High-End, £4 Make-up Dupe

It’s finally arrived – Primark’s bargain dupe for Urban Decays’ palettes and I couldn’t be more excited! From the pictures and reviews so far, they seem to be well-pigmented for a £4 palette – it looks like Primark has finally brought our dreams to life.

Whipping out £38 for a few eyeshadows from Urban Decay isn’t something everyone can do, so Primark’s £4 alternative is definitely eye-catching.

The complete set of palettes includes Minerals, Smoky, Naked and Bronze, mimicking our beloved Urban Decay’s infamous beauty palettes.


(Credit: @primark_beauty_807)


(Credit: @primark_beauty_807)

To our already huge surprise, it gets better – there’s also a highlighter quad among this lovely dupe collection which happens to look like a dupe of Anastasia’s Glow Kit.

(Credit: @kwanbow)

Intriguing. At only £4 per palette, it’s definitely worth a good go to see how strong Primark’s dupe game is!



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