Vegan Beer & Where to Find It

With vegan food on the rise, it’s interesting to see how different companies are adapting to the all-new, plant-based eating habits so many people seem to be increasingly fond of recently. We’ve now got restaurants offering incredible ranges of vegan meals, we also have vegan chocolate and, now to top things off, we’ve been gifted with vegan beer.

Vegan beer seems to now be readily available in different corners of the UK and it’s great to see that these trends are continuously increasing. Even well-known brands like Guinness are part of the loop, having recently announced that their draft beer is completely vegan, with bottled and canned beer soon to come.

Here are the top 10 places for the vegan beer experience:

10. Beavertown – London


(Credit: beavertownbeer)

9. Moor Beer Co – Bristol

moor beer.PNG

(Credit: drinkmoorbeer)

8. Moncada Brewery – London


(Credit: moncadabrewery)

7. Little Valley Brewery – Hebden Bridge

little valley.PNG

(Credit: littlevalleybrewery)

6. Clarkshaws – London


(Credit: clarkshaws)

5. Twisted Barrel Ale – Coventry


(Credit: twistedbarrelale)

4. Magic Rock Brewing – Huddersfield


(Credit: magicrockbrewing)

3. William Bros. Brewing Co. – Alloa


(Credit: williamsbrewery)

2. Marble Brewery – Manchester


(Credit: marblebrewery)

1. Brass Castle – Malton


(Credit: brasscastlebeer)

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