Topshop’s New Clear Jeans – How Do We Really Feel?

Unsure. Over the past couple of months, Topshop and some other retailers have shown to constantly be upping their game in strange fashion, although this now seems to have drawn the line for a lot of people.

Recently, we’ve had the ridiculous frill top from ASOS. Then, Topshop introduced the clear knee mom jeans and, now, with their new all-clear jeans, we really don’t know how to feel anymore.

topshop clear mom jeans

(Credit: Topshop)

Topshop’s initial invention, the clear knee mom jeans, were a little ‘out there’ to start with and it’s quite ridiculous that it’s okay that they also get away with charging £45 per pair. However, that doesn’t sound that bad now that they have introduced the clear plastic straight leg jeans, also charging an incredible £55 per pair.

topshop jeans

(Credit: Topshop)

I’ve always thought of Topshop as different – unique – and that’s exactly what made the retailer so attractive. Recently, however, they have gone a little overboard, even considering the crazy, post-modern fashion of today.

Not only are these clear plastic, it makes them all the more inconvenient by having to add an extra layer underneath to actually be able to wear them. It might just be me, but this is a huge question mark I can’t get rid of and, oddly, I’m looking forward to see what they have yet to bring!


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