A Kollaboration: Kim & Kylie

The time has finally come for Kim and Kylie to give the world a taste of what their collaboration cosmetics project will bring. We’ve had it all – Kylie Cosmetics, the Kendall + Kylie clothing collection and the Koko Collection from Kylie and Khloe, but we’re now dying to see what the all-new K fusion will be and it’s extremely exciting!

We’ve got very few pointers to follow at the moment in terms of what we can expect; they’re keeping it very well hidden and it makes it all the more tense. We do know, however, that the project is called KKW X KYLIE and is very likely to include a new lip product.


(Credit: @kyliejenner)

Understandably, the campaign is kept extremely vague, even with its visuals; it’s neutral, dimly lit and Kim and Kylie have taken on a twin look which blurs things even more. It’s coming soon though so it’s 100% worth staying tuned!


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