Food Trend Update: Unicorn Noodles

I think I missed the transition in time somewhere, where unicorns became far more popular than the normal amount. Admittedly, their mystical feature is catchy and their rainbow colours are enchanting, so they do, after all, make quite an impressive indoor decoration or minimal jewellery.

We’ve been seeing inflatable unicorns and unicorn candles for our day-to-day unicorn needs. For a while now, though, they have also started becoming a very popular food trend. The unicorn possibilities have now expanded to the point where we’ve now been gifted with the all-new unicorn noodles!

unicorn noodles

(The Indigo Kitchen)

To be completely honest, they do look amazing and I can’t wait to try them. The Indigo Kitchen have done a great job at illustrating the ‘discovery’ element of these unicorn noodles; they look genuinely exotic! We wouldn’t normally associate such vibrant colours with something edible but I can’t look away from them. They create a very ‘weird and wonderful’ impression, while showing just how east it is to completely transform such a standard dish into something unworldly yet incredibly impressive.



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