Interior Ideas for Spring 2017

The first day of spring has FINALLY come around this week – we’re one step closer to lovely summer! With the new season come new trends and ideas for our interior design; classy, modern, minimal yet vibrant do absolute wonders around the house. There’s lots of copper and rustic accessories on the menu, velvet textures and geometric designs, perfect for creating an updated, fresh home feel.


(Credit: Oliver Bonas)

Funky, rustic matching accessories are great for Spring this year – they offer originality and a retro yet refreshing image.


(Credit: Pink House Living)

I’m very 50/50 with velvet furniture but it works extremely well in navy blue, in the middle of a naturally-lit room, surrounded by warming and complimenting colours, creating a cosy yet spring-friendly, bold feel.


(Credit: Maisons Dumonde)

Ironically, metal accessories add warmth to the home, particularly rustic metal and paired with modern, complimentary colours such as turquoise and faded pink. Flamingos are also a bonus!


(Credit: Maisons Dumonde)

Geometric accessories are becoming somewhat of a timeless piece within the interior design circles. Using modern, flat and neutral colours around them, these little geometric additions can really work wonders.


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