Soothing Thai Chicken & Noodle Broth

thai noodles

(Credit: Gousto)

A Gousto box always brings good things and, among this week’s dinner treats, has been the ultimate Soothing Thai Chicken & Noodle Broth recipe. Thai food is one of my absolute favourites so I love that Gousto cater to that so well; we’ve got flavour, discovery and low calories all in one bowl.

The ingredients in this dish all compliment each other so well and nothing is overpowering or overpowered. The freshness of the spring onions and basil leaves a crisp aftertaste, following the kick of the chilli and wholesome texture of chicken and noodles.A really good secret ingredient here is the star anise, it does absolute wonders; it adds a whole new dimension of flavour and body to the entire dish.

With only 366 calories per portion, we’ve got a low calorie, quick and easy dish, helping broaden our culinary horizons!


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