Sweet Chilli Fish & Sesame Pak Choi

chilli fish

One of Gousto’s quick and easy recipes for a mighty dinner; sweet chilli basa on a bed of fragrant, ginger rice, served with sesame pak choi and sprinkled with fresh spring onions.

So far, this has been the easiest, quickest and most convenient dish to make, with the most impressive results. It’s incredible to see what the recipe makes considering how little effort it requires. It’s merely a case of boiling some rice and baking some fish in the oven, so you’re free to do other things in between as it doesn’t take very much maintenance.

Gousto’s take on this Japanese dish has turned out to be flavoursome, nutritious¬†and super healthy. With only 340 calories per portion, this filling dish bursts with fantastic flavours of sweet chilli, fragrant ginger and fresh pak choi. The kick of sweet chilli sauce infused with soy sauce compliments the light taste of basa incredibly well and, with the sesame pak choi, it creates the perfect trio. An absolute treat to make after a long day at work!



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