Asian Chicken Burger & Sesame Fries

(Credit: Gousto) An Asian spin on our well-known and loved burgers has turned out extremely well. One of Gousto’s new recipes for this past week has shown an incredible combination of flavours and textures, creating the ultimate dish of discovery. The crunch of the home-made sesame fries accompanies an inspiring mix of shredded chicken covered… Continue reading Asian Chicken Burger & Sesame Fries

Food Trend Update: Unicorn Noodles

I think I missed the transition in time somewhere, where unicorns became far more popular than the normal amount. Admittedly, their mystical feature is catchy and their rainbow colours are enchanting, so they do, after all, make quite an impressive indoor decoration or minimal jewellery. We’ve been seeing inflatable unicorns and unicorn candles for our… Continue reading Food Trend Update: Unicorn Noodles

‘Just What Kind of Mother Are You?’ – Paula Daly

I don’t think that the title sells this book very well, but it is an addictive read. The protagonist, Lisa Kallisto, is quite under-developed as a character, meaning that she’s not 100% understood or connected with the reader; her busy lifestyle isn’t really explained. However, what Daly does present exceptionally well is the reality of… Continue reading ‘Just What Kind of Mother Are You?’ – Paula Daly