Get Your Pancake Game On

I do feel like Pancake Day gets bigger every year. It’s basically another Christmas; we can treat ourselves to sweet and nice things with zero guilt! With a passion for baking, I’m actively waiting for Pancake Day this year and I’ve found some great ways to make this one a little more interesting.

  1. 5-minute Vegan Pancakes

Image result


Substituting cow’s milk for soy milk, this super quick and egg-free pancake mix uses nothing but flour, sugar, baking powder and salt to create the perfect, fluffy pancakes, topped with sweet bananas and a dose of maple syrup.

2. Lean Pancakes

Recipe: Stay lean with these easy-to-make protein pancakes


Celebrating pancake day doesn’t mean you have to be or feel unhealthy – there’s always a way around it. From Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15, we can now indulge in these delicious protein pancakes to help us stay on track. Using a mixture of oats, flavoured protein powder and coconut oil and served with some Greek natural yoghurt and sweet berries, The Body Coach gives us everything we need to stay lean and enjoy pancake day.

3. Rocky Road Pancakes

Pancake mix

(Credit: Not On The High Street)

Getting a little more creative now with some American-style Rocky Road pancakes! Perfect for the ultimate sweet tooth; topped with milk chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of marshmallows, we’ve got the perfect s’mores pancake mix.


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