New Food Trend: Cheese & Tea?

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Scrap everything you know about cheese and wine and how to pair them. An all-new food fashion has hit the spotlight this Feb: cheese and tea. I’m not too big on wine, so this is great news! This’ll also work really well when you’ve got the cheese and crackers ready but no wine. Fear no more, though, because the new substitute is one of Britain’s most-loved beverages.

I’m very picky with my wine; to date, I’ve only found one that I’ve really enjoyed and actually gone back for, everything else was an experiment that never went anywhere. Very surprisingly, this new food trend means that, actually, tea is far more versatile that we might’ve thought and goes perfectly with one of our favourite courses.

This shift in food style hasn’t popped out of nowhere, though. It seems that the “New York-based food and drink luminary”, Rachel Safko, has opened our eyes to “the chameleon of all beverages”, and I couldn’t be more excited. Apparently, like wine, tea has that natural, rough texture as well as tannin that gives both liquids that bitter-taste. So, it turns out they’ve got lots in common, so much that we can replace one with the other.

It definitely sounds positive but may require a test or two. Another thing to add to the bucket list!

Eating cheese could be the secret to a long life

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