More Harry Potter-Themed Make-up Coming Our Way!

I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan out there but I have enjoyed the films when they’ve been around and all the HP-themed make-up bits I’ve seen in the past have seemed pretty exciting!

In 2016, Storybook Cosmetics had very kindly introduced the wand brushes which look absolutely magical, complete with their very own velvet pouch to round the whole experience off. They’ve also created the ‘Quill & Ink’ liquid eyeliner which took the winged eyeliner look to a whole new level, not to mention the make-up world as a whole having set the bar pretty high for future make-up newbies.



This year, though, lots of new and exciting things have been happening, including a whole new addition to the world of Harry Potter make-up. Espionage Cosmetics have created a new, Harry Potter-themed eyeshadow palette, due to hit the shops soon. It’s mesmerising, sophisticated, magical (and travel-friendly!) It’s all very impressive, although shade #3 looks like it would be more frosty and a little more bleak to the actual swatch.

My initial impression of this invention is very positive and I can already think of lots of people that’d love this is a gift. I do, however, feel that we could’ve had at least a couple more shades included to make this even more exciting. Although, the palette does seem very versatile and the healthy dose of glitter fulfills both our make-up and HP needs.




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