A Super Healthy (Vegan) Smoothie

I’ve really forgotten just how much I love smoothies! It’s been far too cold these last couple of months to think about a refreshing, healthy smoothie when all you crave is warm, satisfying food. Many people start dieting in one way or another as their new year’s resolution, and getting back into a balanced, healthy food… Continue reading A Super Healthy (Vegan) Smoothie

‘The Girl on the Train’ – Paula Hawkins

How difficult is it to become emotionally invested in another book right after having read what you thought was the book of all books? Extremely. And I get this every time. Having recently read James Carol’s Broken Dolls, the literary part of my life had set the bar extremely high for my next read. Since then, I’ve… Continue reading ‘The Girl on the Train’ – Paula Hawkins

More Harry Potter-Themed Make-up Coming Our Way!

I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan out there but I have enjoyed the films when they’ve been around and all the HP-themed make-up bits I’ve seen in the past have seemed pretty exciting! In 2016, Storybook Cosmetics had very kindly introduced the wand brushes which look absolutely magical, complete with their very own velvet pouch to… Continue reading More Harry Potter-Themed Make-up Coming Our Way!