Kendall Jenner: How to Master the Casual Look

We’re nearing the end of the new year’s January and I’m still in that slightly awkward phase of settling back into every day life of full-time work. With absolutely no time left during those cold, dark, early mornings to think about what to wear, we’ve finally got the help we need from one of our current, biggest fashion gurus, Kendall Jenner.

Jenner has opened our eyes to a fail and fool-proof formula which looks pretty promising. Showing just how easy it can, and should, be to put that casual look together, Kendall has really shown us the power of the basics. The formula she swears by? ‘Rocker tee or crop top + leggings (the more interesting, the better) + bomber jacket = comfortable – cool and ready to go anywhere!’ – Jenner.

Personally, I’ve never caught on to the biker look with the shades and leather jacket, but this contains a couple of my favourite pieces – high-waist jeans and black, chunky boots; they do the trick every time.

Classic, monochrome, timeless. It’s easier than it seems to give the impression that you’ve actually tried. Again, Kendall has used some basic pieces to contruct a casual look that speaks volumes and the red lip is the icing on the cake. This doesn’t mean we have to start wearing crop tops, but there’s no need to over-think anything when it comes to a causal image. Back to basics we go!




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