Pork Larb Salad


It may not look like much from my poor presentation skills, but this Pork Larb Salad from the Gousto kitchen is packed with lots and lots of goodness!

This street-food salad from Loas is packed with fresh flavours through a garnish of mint leaves, a crunchy lettuce base and flavourful radishes with the taste of Asia radiating through the peanut and ginger pork mince and noodles flowing through the centre. This is the perfect, quick, easy and low-calorie lunch to make for tomorrow; ready in under 30 minutes and oozing with flavour and goodness.

Initially, it seemed like far too much lettuce, too much radish, too much mint and not enough noodles but, when combined, all portions balance out really well. The incredible freshness of the dish, however, is what that really caught me off-guard. The combination of the zing of fresh lime and cool mint really come together to create a healthy and crisp twist on this classic idea of Asian cuisine.

I’ll definitely be coming back to this one!




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