Spicy Hoisin Pork & Ginger Greens Salad


It’s been a while since I’ve had a go at some good ol’ Gousto cooking and, this week, the perfect recipe has come up for grabs to banish the January blues. Having just got back from a lovely Christmas trip, it’s been really tricky trying to get back into the habit of every day life, but some quick and easy cooking with Gousto has helped put a positive spin back on everything.

I will never not be in the mood for hoisin sauce, noodles, soy sauce or anything remotely based around these flavours, so I’m always on the look-out for these to pop up from the Gousto kitchen and, today, I’m so glad that it has.

This week, we’ve dipped into some classic Asian flavours with hoisin pork. For all you lovers of Oriental cuisines, this is the perfect, speedy meal to make at home after a long, long day.

Making this dish at home as been super easy and quick (under 30 minutes). On a bed of fluffly basmati rice, we’ve got a generous portion of hoisin-coated pork mince pieces, garnished with some fresh and crunchy spring onions and fresh chilli, with steam-cooked sesame greens on the side. The different flavours compliment each other really well, giving the dish a healthy balance and somewhat of a twist on the dish as a whole, particuraly with the additon of sesame seeds.

For the minimal time spent in the kitchen with such a great result, this is a definite 5/5!



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