Christmas in Budapest


For your next winter trip, Hungary is an absolute must. Over the festive period, it’s a truly beautiful destination for a short break, with lots to do for very little money, and the delicious cuisine is a huge bonus.

With the gothic architecture of the parliamentary building at its centre, Budapest is a place full of culture, history and beauty, and it’s particularly pretty at Christmas time with the Christmas markets at each corner, setting up the perfect festive mood.

With tons to do, see and experience, Budapest is definitely the type of holiday destination which doesn’t disappoint. With landmarks all within walking distance and at very low prices to visit, this city is bound to keep you entertained for as short or long as your stay might be. My top recommendations would be The Hospital in the Rock for a bit of Hungarian history, the thermal baths for a good bit of culture and relaxation, and the Christmas markets for a taste of European Christmas with some great treats such as the Kürtőskalács – traditional, Hungarian BBQ-baked cakes.

Budapest has quickly become one of my most favourite holidays so far for its high levels of entertainment, low prices, and beautiful landscapes. It’s a definite must-see!


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