‘T2: Trainspotting’: Initial thoughts

It’s been one of my most awaited films of 2017 and I’ve been really glad that the sequel to Trainspotting has been one of the first to be featured on the new year’s big screens. It’s been a wonderful, highly anticipated reunion of this Scottish bunch and it’s been truly interesting to see just how far they… Continue reading ‘T2: Trainspotting’: Initial thoughts

Kendall Jenner: How to Master the Casual Look

We’re nearing the end of the new year’s January and I’m still in that slightly awkward phase of settling back into every day life of full-time work. With absolutely no time left during those cold, dark, early mornings to think about what to wear, we’ve finally got the help we need from one of our… Continue reading Kendall Jenner: How to Master the Casual Look

‘Broken Dolls’ – James Carol

After a recommendation from a friend, I, even now, still can’t believe how much I enjoyed reading this fantastic crime thriller by James Carol. The Jefferson Winter books have a particular reputation in the world of fiction and I’m extremely impressed with my first ever Jefferon Winter read. ‘It takes a genius to catch a psychopath’.… Continue reading ‘Broken Dolls’ – James Carol