Oversized Jumpers & Boyfriend Coats

I feel like there has been almost no transition between summer and winter, but now that it has crept up on us so quickly, it’s yet again time to dig out our winter coats. If you’re on the look-out for something new, boyfriend-fit coats are definitely the way to go; they’re a very classic, timeless shape, comfortable and versatile.













There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a comfortable, cosy, oversized sweatshirst and it just bodes so well that they go incredibly with the boyfriend coat. Double grey is a bonus, too!













The oversized jumper and boyfriend coat combo is definitely my favourite from the winter fashion guide this year; it’s the perfect way to stay lazy and comfortable while looking as though you’ve actually tried. Grey is also my top colour for winter, with the camel boyfriend coats being a very close second!














The best place I’ve come across so far for the cosy jumpers is Boohoo, with their great, wide range and prices. For the boyfriend coats, New Look definitely has some of the best variety in colour; from khaki, to navy blue, camel and black. They’re also great for seasonal offers.


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