Warming Up with some Salted Caramel Brownies

It’s getting colder and colder outside and I’ve been needing something warm and delicious to wrap up with inside, and there’s nothing quite like a classic brownie to make your day that little bit better. Brownies are one of the quickest and easiest desserts to make, with endless possibilities of flavour, and the simple addition… Continue reading Warming Up with some Salted Caramel Brownies

Leek & Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Another week, another fresh treat straight from the vibrant Gousto kitchen. This week we’ve been introduced to the modern, Italian twist on a familiar pasta dish. The combination of the balsamic-infused rocket and leek pasta topped with a garnish of roasted mixed nuts will wake up your taste buds to a whole new realm of… Continue reading Leek & Sun-dried Tomato Pasta