Best Burgers in Town


The ‘Big Verns’ Krispy Ring is one of the many originalities in store at The Original Patty Men. The combo of the maple-glazed bacon and beef served in a glazed doughnut is the perfect American twist on the classic burger, opening up and testing its possibility of flavour.

The mixture of sweet and savoury is very much a hit and miss. This, however, is the ultimate hit as far as burgers go. There’s a lot of competition out there but this has definitely become my top burger place after the Birmingham weekend.

With its back-to-basics interior, The Original Patty Men keep it nice and simple with the atmosphere, decor and classic yet unforgettable food. And, if you’re also on the look-out for an original drink to pair your burger with, it’s all under the same roof, especially if you’re after originality in flavour; ranging from watermelon vodka to burnt raisin draft beer and sour grapefruit bottled beer.

A minimalist place with a huge impact. A definite must.


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