Gousto Dandan Noodles

Originating from the Sichuan province of China, these fried Dandan noodles certainly pack a flavour of punch.


Just got to create this Asian-inspired dish all on my own at home! Super quick, super easy and it makes a great lunch for work the next day.

Working at Gousto has made me remember just how much I love cooking and trying new dishes and I honestly can’t believe I haven’t been adding my Gousto experiences to my blog sooner. Today, though, it’s been a lovely treat to come home and have such a satisfying dish ready so quickly and, if you’re like me and you hate having to think up ideas for tomorrow’s lunch, this is a great way to save yourself a good chunk of time (literally ready in 25 mins)

The great thing about noodle dishes is that they can be as bland or as interesting as you like and it’s so easy to boost them up that little bit more; whether it’s a little more chili flakes or adding that interesting veggie you never thought you’d try, noodles are honestly my go-to meal as you can just never get them wrong, they seem to always hit the spot and there’s just so much variety around them that they can never get boring.

Until next time, Gousto!


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