Review: Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

I’ve finally got stuck into GC lipsticks! And I’ve started my collection with the beautiful ‘Cher’ and ‘Ecstasy’.


Cher                                                                                                                                              Ecstasy


At only £9.50 each (, they are among the most affordable branded lipsticks out there. The quality is impressive considering the price, though expected cosindering the brand name; I was very surprised that they cost as little as they do.

While some liquid lipsticks can come out quite streaky, these have a creamy texture which gives really great coverage with a single stroke. They also don’t dry the lips out throughout the day and are very easy to re-apply after a few hours without crumbling.

Both shades are incredible, though ‘Cher’ is my favourite out of the two. With its berry undertone, it’s a summer-friendly, versatile shade to suit any outfit. ‘Ecstasy’ is much lighter and may need a darker lip liner as it can make lighter skin tones look a little washed out. Overall, etremely impressed, a great recommendation for liquick lipstick lovers on a budget and I’ll definitely be back for more.


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