Beauty and Homeware Winter Favourites

This winter has been particularly memorable for beauty and makeup circles; matte lipsticks have shot to fame, plum and berry tones have been most popular and it’s been my most successful season for finding great, new products. Also, I’ve been loving the homeware departments which have brightened up my winter with things like fairy lights for a cosy evening or a nice scented candle for that homey feel. So, everything that I’ve tried, tested and loved between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016, I’ve narrowed down into a list of my favourites as we bring winter to a close and welcome the brighter days of spring.



I’ve probably joined the NYX fan club a little late, but their Soft Matte Lip Cream range has been my holy grail this winter. The shade ‘Prague’ in particular has been my most favourite – it’s a really beautiful berry shade, moisturising, long-lasting and so affordable. At only £5.50, it’s a great quality product without having to go all out on high-end lipsticks. This, as well as ‘Cannes’, has been my ultimate go-to lipwear, it’s so easily matched with any outfit colours, doesn’t crumble throughout the day and guarantees a great result every time.


The Morphe 35W Warm Palette is ideal for any season with its incredible range of 35 colours, priced at only £15.95. This palette has light peachy shades, nude browns, light and dark purples and even a few oranges, both matte and shimmery options available, so the combinations are endless. This is definitely an all year round product, but I’ve only purchased it a month ago, have used it almost every day, there’s very limited fall-out and the warm tones of all shades will definitely make this a regular reach in your makeup bag.



Fairy lights have brightened up my whole winter. They create a cosy and warm atmosphereIMG_2647.JPG and are just a really delicate addition to any room and make all the difference.

These can be as simple or as funky as you like and are available in every homeware department, and it’s always fun to find new designs.

Clipping a set of these up above your bed or around the window frame is a minimalistic way to change the look of your entire room and, this winter, they’ve really warmed up all of my evenings.

Bring the whole vibe to life with a scented candle, transforming your room entirely, making you forget about those frosty days and nights outside, while you cosy up in the warmth, comfort and ambience of indoors.

Finally, complete the warming design with some complimentary cushions to decorate the most comforting place of all during winter – the one and only, bed.


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