Faux Fur Coats

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been having an incredible amount of struggle with finding my winter coat this year – only because I thought I didn’t like fur and, this year, winter fashion has kindly blessed us with fur absolutely everywhere. So, if you’re against the faux fur coats, here’s a post about why you need to love them.

If you’re a frequent shopper then you would’ve noticed by now that the wrap style coats are particularly fashionable at the moment, and they’re such a great style because they’re a little sophisticated and really quick to throw on, giving you effortless outerwear fashion in a matter of seconds. Also, these wrap coast are more widely available in the furless version if the fur just isn’t your thing.

358760206Rule #1: Don’t let the fur throw you off.

I’ve proven myself extremely wrong by thinking that faux fux collars on coats would be far too dressy for an everyday look. If you think this too, then there are detatchable ones available everywhere, but don’t be thrown off because they are easier to dress down than you might think.

I’ve tried and tested too many coats this season, but my greatest find is this Grey Tweed Faux Fur Collar Biker Coat from New Look for £49.99 with subtle leather detail on the sleeves and around the front as well as pocket zips for a two-tone effect. This coat is originally an A-Line fit but, personally, I don’t like over-sized coats, so I’d recommend going two sizes down for a fitted feel.


My second-favourite discovery among the faux fur coats is this zippered one with a detachable collar from Forever 21 at £45.50. It’s very similar to the above coat from New Look but in a much lighter shade of grey and a less intense faux fur collar, the colour of which stylishly matches the subtle leather detail around the zip.


For an everyday look: wear these coats with some angle-grazer jeans, cosy knitwear and a pair of plain black booties, and top with a subtle lipstick such as Rimmel’s Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink 180.


For a dressy look: match the coats with a plain black pencil skirt and grey ribbed, sleeveless high-neck top with black heeled boots. For the lipstick, try Rimmel’s Dark Night 380.


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