Autumnal Nails

Autumn is definitely the best time of year for nails and fashion in general, as it brings in pleasantly dark colours such as brown and khaki which are just irresistible.
IMG_1862Nails are one of the things I spend most of my time on; changing colours up to three times a week has led me to a huge nail polish collection, so I thought I’d share some of my autumn favourites and let you know about the best and cheapest ways to find good quality products.

If you’re terribly indecisive, like me, but grow bored of nail colours easily, the best options are always khaki, grey (light and dark) and brown; not only are they flattering shades but are also the easiest colours to match your outfit to. I’ve only recently bought my khaki nail varnish and it was from the New Look Pure Colour range for only £2.99. In this instance, I’ve applied a matte top coat just because everything looks better with a matte effect and it’s a must-have around the autumn season. Since having discovered New Look’s beauty products this summer, I’ve loved and stuck to them since – they always give a perfect, flawless finish which is great considering the student-friendly prices.

IMG_1801My ultimate favourite autumnal colour is grey. Again, I’ve used the one from New Look’s Pure Colour collection – you just can’t go wrong with them. Greys in autumn are strangely cosy and comfortable colours so it’s always a safe but really great option to go for – and not only for nails but clothes as well.

Other colours that you’ll need in your beauty bag this autumn are: brown (I suggest O.P.I which is only £3.99 in TKMAXX), navy blue (Revlon, also £3.99 in TKMAXX), beige/nude (New Look, £2.99) and burgundy (already available in a matte formula from New Look at £2.99)

Top tip: if you don’t already have a matte top coat this autumn, it’s the best investement – it’ll make any colour look much better as it will intensify it and give it more of an edge. The best place to grab one from is, again, my all-time favourite, New Look – all nail colours are £2.99.


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