The Charm of Knee Ripped Jeans

Because they are now seriously in fashion, I find that ripped jeans are mostly over-priced. They are, ultimately, just holes. However, they have become a famous fashion trend and, personally, I just can’t resist.

I’m the type of person who can never justify over-spending on anything, so I like to think that I have become quite clever in the way I shop for the latest trends and, after my most recent purchase of knee ripped jeans for only £8, I think it’s safe to say that I have proven myself right. If you’re thinking Primark, then think again – it was a Dorothy Perkins pair, on sale at £12, reduced to £10 and, with student discount on top, it came to a total of £8. Now, if that isn’t a bargain, then I don’t know what is.

I’ve found myself totally in love with knee rips, though, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite styles of these at the best prices that I could find.

17J27QBLK_largeMiss Selfridge, Sale £26

These are incredible value for money; Miss Selfridge guarantees quality and, therefore, durability of their products. Black jeans are just always the way to go – it may be the safe option but – why not? Black is one of the best colours as it’s flattering – not only for the figure but also for the colours worn with it. Also, this pair of jeans would come up quite high-waisted, so that’s a great advantage. I particularly like knee rips in black jeans because it gives them a lot of edge(I love edge) and, that paired with a contrasting style of top such as a chiffon sleevelss, would balance it out so that it just works – this means that it’s possible to mix urban and classy, and I absolutely love that combination.

Dorothy Perkins, Sale £1070324598_large

This is the pair I recently bought from Dorothy Perkins for £8. They are just the perfect fit (I hate having to wear belts), it’s a flattering fit, they’re very comfortable and the rips are ‘neat’, which I perfer. These are ultra stretch skinny jeans, which makes it sound like they’d stretch and become too big, but they really don’t; the super stretch material just means that they can adapt to fit your figure really well. I find Dorothy Perkins sizes and fits pretty much ideal; they’re quite generous with sizes and they don’t leave any awakrd space around the waist while squeezing your thighs. Dorothy Perkins is a place where I actually have a size.

328153341New Look, Sale £10

Personally, I think that dark denim skinny jeans are the only thing that is more flattering than black, but I think that’s just because I generally prefer navy colours. These are a pair of classic knee ripped jeans so it’s impossible to go wrong with them. They’re super skinny and also come up as high-waisted. The only annoying thing I find about New Look jeans is the size; I’m normally a size 10-12, but when buying a pair of knee ripped jeans from New Look, I had to buy a 14 because the legs were really tight but that then caused the waist to be too loose. So the sizes are a bit awkard sometimes but that’s just a small sacrifice for great styles at a great price.


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