I’m In Love With Duster Coats

Duster coats have quickly made their way in recently, especially sleeveless ones, and I’ve really been wanting one for so long. I’ve done my shopping around now, and I’ve found my ultimate top picks, two of which are too expensive for me to actually buy but one can dream. I want a sleeveless as well as 3/4 length sleeve one. I haven’t found a 3/4 sleeve one that I’ve fallen in love with, but here are my favourites at the moment:

Miss Selfridge, £5923L02RBRN_large

This is one of the two pricey ones which I will never get but am so in love with.. maybe I’ll have to hint it to someone as a gift. This duster coat woud literally be the perfect thing ever if the sleeves were 3/4 length rather than long sleeves, perhaps that would even look better. I particularly love the camel colour; not only is it a beautiful shade but also easy to match with. Also, the style of this duster jacket is the perfect balance between smart and casual – it would go with either type of outfit and it would be the icing on the cake. I can imagine it to perfectly complete any look. I can picture it best with a pair of high waist, light denim skinny jeans and either a white top or white oversized fine knit jumper. I might just have to make a £60 sacrifice…

New Look, £22.99354845604

This one is much more in the affordable price range and I just think it’s absolutely adorable. I love grey and I’m really loving the grid print at the moment, so this is the perfect combination. I would prefer a 3/4 length sleeve but I do love the fact that this one is sleeveless because we’re still in the summer season, although it does get quite chilly in London at this time of year anyway, but it’s not freezing, so I think this is perfect for that awkward weather. I’m actually planning to get this jacket on my next shopping trip and I am so excited because I can picture it so well with a pair of some dark denim high waist ripped jeans and a white crop top that neatly matches the top of the jeans. Perfect!

BooHoo, £12oidjfgdfg

I was recently just browsing through the BooHoo website because they always have some deals on delivery so I thought I might take advantage of that, and I spotted this geo print duster and instantly fell in love. It’s everything I’ve been looking for, including 3/4 length sleeves. It also has side splits which I can imgine to look really nice as trousers or jeans will show through. The print was initially what attracted me to this, but what also put me off was the price, because it is possible for things to be too cheap, and with clothing items such as coats or shoes, you want better quality. Also, a few reviews on the website did mention quality as a con. However, the point still stands – this is such a beautiful coat and if it were a trusted quality, it would be mine already.

Warehouse, £79image1xxl

This is just irresistible (until you see the price). I really love olive green/khaki, so that’s what attracted me to this jacket at first, and I really love the military style of it, too. Again, 3/4 length sleeves get a huge thumbs up, and I so wish I could just splash out £80. I also love how it’s modelled on the website.

I’m really loving the idea of duster coats right now and I need to get one ASAP. They’re just so useful – sleeves or no sleeves – they can work for any outfit and any weather; they’re utility jackets and I do love my utility items because it means you can get 100% full use out of them, so you know it’s been worth your money. Perhaps I won’t go as far as spending £80 on one but that New Look one – I’m coming for you, and I’m sure Primark will have some, too.


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