July Favourites

I realise we are now almost half way through August, but I’ve been meaning to write a post about my July favourites because I have quite a few, so here they are:

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Messy buns, New Look nail varnish, Garnier BB cream, W7 mascara, halter neck tops, utility sandals, printed trousers & peach coloured lipstick – these are literally all of the fashion items I’ve lived off of during the whole of July (and most of the summer, actually) If you’re wondering why there are no shorts or dresses here, it’s because London isn’t very hot, so I haven’t worn such clothes really; printed trousers and vest tops have been my favourite outfit all summer.

I love messy hairstyles, and the messy bun has been particularly useful this summer. On my hot holiday in France, I went for the messy bun almost every day, and even back at home in London, on those rainy days, I love the messy bun because it’s stylish but comfortable – it just works for everything.

New Look nail varnish was one of my my greatest finds this summer – they’re just incredible quality for £2.99 and I’ve been using only New Look colours since making this discovery (for more info, I have written a review blog on them)

New Look £7.99 sandals have been my utility shoes this entire summer. They’re such great value and my money has gone incredibly far because I’ve had my 2 pairs for over a year and I still love them and wear them every day – they match absolutely any outfit.

Garnier BB cream and W7 mascara were some of my other really amazing discovires this summer, I’ve been using them as part of my every day make-up routine since (for more info on BB cream, read Battle of the BB Creams) – W7 is such a great brand and this mascara is absolutely amazing, and only £2.99 on Amazon with Prime delivery!

I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of peach lipstick for soooo long, and I’ve only found it a couple weeks ago. From MUA, for only £1, this nectar shade is so perfect. It has immdiately made its way into my every day make-up bag!

So, just a few things, but they really are special and have made my July. I wouldn’t write about any of these things if I didn’t recommend them, and this particular collection is all I’ve needed to get by this summer.


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