Hair Serum That Actually Works

For a long time now, I’ve been searching for a hair serum/oil that will tame my hair while giving it that sleek shine and soft touch, just like after a fresh haircut; my hair feels fantastic, new, refreshed, soft and shiny every time I get it cut. However, two days later, that’s gone and I can never seem to find a hair oil that can get all of that back. Another thing I’ve noticed is that most hair serums are to be used to damp hair – no, I want one for dry hair. I’ve tried them all now; from John Frieda, through L’Oreal to OGX. Nothing. Well, up until now, I though the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argain Oil was my best find. I used it on damp hair just before blow drying because, on dry hair, it left quite a lot of grease, and, after the first few times, it really did tame my frizzies. However, after those first few times, it began to leave my hair a little greasy despite having applied in onto damp hair and it stopped taming my frizz at all. So, the search began again for another product. I can’t stress enough just how useful video reviews are. I watched a review of a number of different hair serums and I decided to try the one that was most recommended.

Schwarzkopf got2b oil-licious tame & shine styling oil    Superdrug £2.70 (offer)

I’ve never come across a product that does literally everything it claims to do. This got2b oil-licious styling oil with argan oil says it tames frizz while giving a sleek and shiny look to the hair. Tick, tick and tick. On the back of the bottle, there are 3 ways suggested with regards to how to use the product in order to get it’s best results. When using this product for the very first time, I didn’t look at that information, and simply applied a coin-sized amount to my hair after drying and I was already amazed. I did this for a few days and then realised that the bottle says that applying the product onto your hair pre-drying as well as post-drying is better, as applying on damp hair helps make hair more managable and weightless. I tried this technique and it has made me love the product even more. I already know I will be trying another one of these because I’m just so amazed with how well it works for such a small price. It’s a small bottle but it’s hair oil so you don’t use much – 1 pump every time, so it should last quite long. This hair serum from Schwarzkopf is a definite recommendation. Even if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not a huge loss because it’s so cheap. The listed price at Superdrug is a current offer, but it is also available is Savers at around £3.50. Definitely give it a go, it’ll become your new handbag essential!


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