Battle of the BB Creams

Finding and choosing the right BB cream is such a struggle! You really won’t know until you try, here. One thing I can say, though, is that reviews help. If you’re about to try your very first BB cream, read or watch some reviews online (multiple reviews on each cream, for balance) to get an idea of what you need to look out for in the shops. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried and tested a number of different BB creams, and only today have I found my perfect one.

Different people will look for different things in their BB creams, due to variations in skin type. I, for example, tend to get red patches on my face, especially right after washing and moisturising. I just have a very uneven skin tone so, in this case, what I look for most in a BB cream is coverage. Others, however, might have a fairly even skin tone and, therefore, prioritise an element which gives a glow to the skin, or perhaps simply something that has a very light feel on the face, to take a break from heavy-feeling foundation. I’ve tried enough BB creams to be able to provide a solution to all of these areas.

Starting from my least favourite:

Garnier, Miracle Skin Perfector (the old one)

Superdrug     £6.65


This BB cream calims to be a ‘daily all-in-one skin perfector’. Is it? No, it is not. Despite my first impressions of this product being very positive, it was my first BB cream so I wasn’t sure what to expect from a product like this, and so, I was impressed to see what a BB cream can do.  This BB cream is, however, very thick in consistency, making it quite difficult to blend out properly and evenly. Due to this, it can become cakey. Also, because it’s hard to blend out, it requires a long time to try to blend it out, but that then causes it to become dry, which can sometimes leave little dried up particles on the face from the constant application of force. In terms of coverage, it’s not very good, despite the thick consistency. Coverage being my main prioroty in BB creams, this doesn’t pass the test. Lastly, this BB cream doesn’t hold on for very long. After a few hours, it starts to wear off (especially on oily skin) This product is more like a tinted moisturiser, so if you don’t have any particular requirements for a BB cream, this one is good for that.

Rimmel London, Radiance BB Cream

Superdrug     £6.99


If you want a healthy glow most of all from your BB cream, this is the one for you. The Wake Me Up range from Rimmel London is great for giving skin a fresh, healthy and radiant glow and, the great thing is, it gets more radiant with each layer. Coverage, here, isn’t the best I’ve seen; it’s about a light to light-medium coverage, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the best product to buy. Coverage can be worked on by adding layers but, as I already mentioned, it will get more glowy, so it really depends what your BB cream priority is. A great thing about this BB cream, however, is that it gives a very light feel on the skin, it’s very delicate and creates a ‘no make-up’ feel.

Olay Complete Care BB Cream, with Max Factor 

Superdrug     £4.49 (offer, usually £9.99)


I had rather high expectations from this BB cream on the basis of the fact that it has ‘a touch of Max Factor’, which Olay admits is for better coverage; to give a foundation look without the heavy foundation feel. It doesn’t quite achieve the promised coverage for me and, therefore, requires a touch of concealer on top. It’s also not terrible, though, it’s an OK coverage, I’m satisfied with it for a daily look, although sometimes I do wish it covered just a bit more. It smells absolutely beautiful – the scent gives off a really fresh and pleasant feel. Since purchasing this item, I’ve used it far more than foundation (almost daily) because I prefer to keep my skin feeling healthy rather than getting full coverage with heavy foundation, and this BB cream definitely does that – it gives a little glow and radiance with acceptable coverage and a very light and pleasant feel on the skin due to the fresh scent and runny consistency, making it easier to blend and, thus, stopping it from caking.

Garnier Combination to Oily Skin Miracle Skin Perfector

Superdrug     £6.65


The definite winner of the BB cream battle. I’m a little annoyed because I bought this product on Amazon for £11, while it’s on sale at Superdrug for £6.65, but never mind, it’s worth any price because it really is a great BB cream. My first impressions of this one were just amazing; I loved the coverage because it’s exactly what I need with just one layer, it smells incredibly fresh, it has a runny consistency so it’s easy to blend out and I think the shades are very well accommodating – I wouldn’t describe my skin tone as light, more of a medium tone, but light was perfect. I was intrigued by this BB cream for a long time because I’ve read and watched many, many reviews and haven’t come across and single negative one, and now I know why.100% thumbs up on this one! My new daily make-up essential.


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