Product Review – New Look Pure Colour Nail Polish

I’m a nail varnish addict. I buy so many different nail colours that I’ve lost track of the colours I already have, which leads to buying 2 or 3 bottles of the exact same shade! However, the advantage here is that I’ve tried and tested a wide range of various nail colour brands, from the pricy OPI and Sally Hansen, through Maybelline all the way to Natural Collection, which is one of the cheapest beauty brands on the high street. Recently, however, I’ve purchased 2 shades from the New Look Beauty range on an impulse buy by the till.

Shade 1: Lilac                                                                               Shade 2: Coral


I’ve tested both, and they are just perfect – far better than any of the other brands I have ever used. They contain thick brushes for full coverage in just one stroke, 2 coats aren’t necessary but I’ve applied twice just to make sure and I’ve currently been wearing the lilac shade for 2 full days with no chips.

Another thing that is really impressive about this product is left-hand application (or right-hand, if you’re left-handed) Applying nail colour onto my right hand is the hardest thing in the world, and it never comes out as nicely and neatly as it does on my left. When applying, I’ve inevitably experienced some irregularities, unwanted marks, incomplete colour etc., but after finishing 2 coats, this product appears to have independently settled perfectly over the nails, allowing a flawless and matching finish on both hands. Personally, I’ve never had this with any other nail colour product.

Overall, I 100% recommend this product from New Look’s new beauty range. They also offer matte colours which I’m confident are of equal quality. I will definitely be investing in this product again in the future, especially at such a more-than-affordable price.


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