Dreamy Jumpsuit

taylor-swift-billboard-vogue-19may15-getty_b_426x639 I no longer believe that perfection doesn’t exist. Had I seen this pure white jumpsuit merely on a hanger, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it, but Taylor Swift has given it a whole new look and it’s amazing.

White is definitely her colour. On top of that, it looks as though this jumpsuit was made just for her, as it hugs her sleek figure flawlessly around the waist. This, paired with the bootcut leg, gives an irresistably elongated figure.

One particularly attractive feature of this famous jumpsuit are the cut-outs – from the back, it gives the impression that the top and bottoms are separate, as if it were a crop top with a pair of high-wait trousers. As you look around the front, however, it reveals a classy connection of the two, as they meet in the centre, leaving the cleavage area appropriately enhanced and the side cut-outs, which continue onto leaving a large proportion of the back nude, reveal just the right amount of flesh.

Taylor’s colour choices are also intriguing; though it’s a standard black and white, it’s the perfect red carpet combination as it achieves a sophisticated image with a jagged edge from the contrasting black and a hint of danger from the red detail on the clutch.

Quick sidenote: Hairstyle. Ideal match with the outfit and it’s implications – short and straight but ever so slightly rugged. Thumbs up!


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